With more than 30 years of experience, Cosmetal is the leading global manufacturer of superior quality water coolers, both bottled and point of use.

We were asked to find a new design language for two new products to be installed in working and public environments.

The two projects involved both our design and engineering teams, starting from an in-depth sector analysis to highlight the main trends and products features.

Our first task was the design of a water dispenser.

Because the volumes are not enough to invest in technology, this market is not characterised by a high degree of innovation.

To give the products more personality we focused on materials, finishing and interfaces.

Taking into account the characteristics of electrical appliances, we studied its ergonomics, to guarantee the utmost easiness of use.

The most innovative aspect was the interface, allowing the user to adjust the dispenser height with a simple gesture, using a capacitive touchscreen. Our designers also employed LED technology as a functional element using the light as a guide for the glass positioning.

The general mood was inspired by high- tech elements and linear shapes. The dispenser was realised in steel and freshened up by color details, counterpoising a clean, firm case. The same style was applied to the cabinet underneath, which was interpreted as the continuation of its upper volume: materials and finishing bond these two products harmoniously, minimising the gap between them.

The Graphical User Interface represents another element of recognisability. Our engineering team was essential for the mechanical and electrical design, as well as for its prototyping. The dispenser body and cabinet metal sheets are characterised by a simple, non-welding assembly.

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