A brand-new device concept.


Ebram Investments (Saudi Arabia) is one of the leading investment houses in the Gulf Cooperation Council and it focuses on knowledge-based systems providing innovative solutions in four key sectors: communication, real estate, healthcare, and logistics.

Our team was asked to come up with the concept and to create a brand-new device that allows its users to mix fragrances, thus creating customized perfumes.

A new invention


The product was a completely new invention, with no benchmark or point of reference.

We had to focus on experimenting on its functions, features, aesthetics and interface, as everything had to be created from scratch.

DEBING at its best


For this project, our multidisciplinary team deployed the DEBING approach at its best.

First, the engineers studied the chemicals, the mechanics and the electronics related to the product, with the purpose of finding the best solution for instantaneous fragrance formulations. 

Prototypes were used to gauge the user experience.

The marketing team identified the potential target to be “early adopters”, “techies” and “socialites”, revealing their habits and consumption patterns.

The design team aimed at achieving an iconic, premium-quality, user-friendly product.

The branding team worked on the packaging and on the product’s manual, defining colors, shapes, style and tone of voice, suitable for a worldwide communication campaign.

Digital for growth: an app to spread the idea


The digital team developed an app turning an innovative idea into something bigger.

The app made the device “social”, thus opening the path to endless possibilities. The users were allowed to create and share a list of fragrances, and associated the fragrances with shades of colors, creating a unique “Nota Nota” language. Also, we made sure the fragrance creation would be easy, thanks to a step- by-step guide.

Communication: we transformed a technical project into emotions


We used a video language to make emotions arise, rather than explaining the functionalities of the new product: people had to fall in love with Nota Nota before understanding exactly how it works.

Perfumes can recall sweet and strong memories to people. Nota Nota has the power to generate these feelings.

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