Friulinox and Hiber, from the Ali group, partnered with Volpi Design Studio in the product design and communication for their top products: HI5 and The One.
These bring a unique technology to professional shock freezers as they combine, in a single product, five different functions that extend beyond food preservation, into slow cooking.
This innovation is truly revolutionary in meeting and exceeding market expectations. Kitchens become ever smaller and there is an increased need for cost and time optimization.

The launch of these products, which come in five different sizes, was supported by dedicated communication with a new logo, a renewed booth and a complete set of support materials.


For the client companies, HI5 and The One represent the highest expression of their technical competencies, their ambitions and their vision.
These shock freezers mark the history of Hiber and Friulinox, and make them the new reference point for the industry in terms of technology and design.
It was precisely this brief that the clients gave the Studio when they asked for a new shape and for the product to be brought back into their product portfolio.

“Unique”, “elegant”, “high perceived-quality” are the terms that best describe the aspirations and the spirit of the creative process.

“The leading concept of the entire project was the creation of a unique, distinctive “dress” for a product that is in fact breaking new ground in the food industry” says Francesco Costacurta, in charge of product design.“ There is a clear contamination from the style and visual language of the entertainment world. This project truly sets new design standards for industrial shock freezers”.


Traditional shock freezers have always had simple user interfaces, with membrane keyboards and small, low quality LCD displays.
One of the objectives of the project was to break away from this idea and make the product more in line with the newest technologies, which customers have widely assimilated.
To make the interface work in an intuitive way the designers chose the most advanced solution available: a super-high resolution 7” touch-screen.

This choice came after carefully considering all aspects of ergonomy, functionality and aesthetics.
Graphic performance of the display, together with its dimensions, made for the use of emotional pictures of food to complement recipes and programmes.
A balanced use of trendy colours and flat icons resulted in an elegant interface that is above all extremely intuitive.

A further product and industrial design innovation is represented by the introduction of plastic components that replace some metal elements of the racks and dashboard.
This allowed the Studio to explore new colour and finish solutions for components that, so far, had remained unchanged.

Product communication was also important.
It was created specifically for HI5 and The One, starting with the brochures through to the exhibition booths with distinct personalities for the two brands.





HI5/  The ONE were presented at Sigep, the International exhibition of gelato, pastry, confectionery and bakery in Rimini, Italy.
Results were exciting, and the products drew a lot of interest and appreciation as a welcome and much awaited innovation in the industry.

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