Winner of the Red Dot Concept Award and specifically designed to meet the needs of the rather feminine and demanding english market. Characterized by feminine aesthetics and user-friendlyness, almost a home appliance without forsaking technology. Great focus on sustainability in the version with integrated solar panels .

Powered by sun and photovoltaic technology, the lightweight and foldable Electric Lawnmower is perfect for smaller lawn care jobs. Modeled after indoor electric vacuum cleaner robots, the sporty Electric Lawnmower is designed to pay extra attention to small areas.

“The modern home is not confined by its four solid walls. Rather, garden settings can function as sitting rooms for eating, working, and socializing. Many people pay the same attention to keeping such areas clean as they do to rooms inside the house,” explain the designers. The mower uses a removable polymer-ion battery, turns on via the push of a button and has an easy to change lawn-clipping bag.

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