Brand logo and creative idea.

Brand image Safety, High Quality, Fashion

Brand Vision Partner that mom and baby can trust

Core Value Care and Love, Stylish and Safe

The initial concept was to find a shape. The form that has been chosen is the circle. The circle is closed form “par excellence”. In circular shapes there is a sense of welcome and perfection. There is harmony in a space without tears, without edges. The circle has values such as protection and softness but is also a reference, a fixed point. In the mark selected shape is repeated several times. It creates a unique and complex shape, with 4 circles intersected. The inclination of the brand is not random, but simulates the position of the child in the seat, but even the embrace of the mother to her baby. The mark is built on a modular grid that organizes the sizing of all the elements. The final result is the perception of childhood and motherhood. The values is recalls are softness, security, harmony. This form was immediately called MAMA. in this way MAMA has become the stylistic element of the brand.



The brand has a perfect and easy applicability to the product, both on structural elements and textile coatings. Its harmony makes it perfect for a serial depiction as a texture of plastic or textile surfaces.The color used for the definitive version is PAGODA.The color used for the registred icon is GREY.

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