Modular shading system consisting of a hexagon shaped “roof” and support side panels. Structure in varnished steel and aluminium, available both with pickets for an installation on soft ground and with plates for the installation on hard surfaces. Cover available in white polyester fabric treated to be UV-resistant, in Madras or in Tamil fabric, Paola Lenti’s signature fabric for exterior environments; the cover is fixed to the structure by means of special Velcro strips which allow for a prompt release when necessary, assuring the safety of the structure.
Pavilion has been selected for the ADI Design Index 2014.
In this project we carefully assessed performance parameters of the various sun shelter models under the most challenging conditions, especially considering wind strength and direction. We then made changes to the products’ existing design taking into account mechanical stress and wind pressure.


Cabanne is a shading architectural modular system for outdoor environments composed of two base modules, Modulo Quadro and Modulo Tunnel, and complementary module Veranda. The Modulo Quadro and the Modulo Tunnel can be used alone or in combination with similar modules. The Modulo Veranda must always be combined and connected to the Quadro or the Tunnel ones.
For the Cabanne project we conducted a structural analysis on different types of panels as well as preliminary calculations on structural deformation in relation to wind speed. We also re-designed the frame’s sections, joints and beams.


Resort: Modular covering system. Resort elements can be independently positioned side by side or can be joined together to create large sheltered spaces. Structure in varnished aluminium, moulded and varnished cast iron ballast with adjustable feet. Resort can be freely placed on the ground or can be anchored to hard surfaces. Covering in white polyester fabric treated to be UV resistant, in Madras or Tamil fabric. The covering is fastened to the structure by means of a profile in thermoplastic rubber, that guarantee its prompt release in case of excessive wind load.
We carefully assessed performance parameters under the most challenging conditions, especially considering wind strength and direction. We also made changes to the product’s existing design.

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