Ice maker developed in cooperation with Sankyo, installed on the freezer door cavity, freeing space in the freezer, which therefore has more space for the storage of food.

Side by side.

A control center detects, though special sensors, when the cooling need to be increased, reaching the correct temperature five times faster than normal refrigerators.

Whirlpool Side by Side fridges give a new dimension to domestic refrigerators, with great storage capacity and low energy consumption, adequate to A and A+ class certification.

Whirlpool glamour.

The Glamour series is an incomparable and perfect combination of elegance, performance, exclusivity, superior quality and ease of use, using the most advanced technologies and combining precious materials such as steel and glass, amazes with innovative products. Glamour, the glass made oven, brings a refinedand exclusive look to the whole kitchen. The control panel is characterized by an innovative color, touch screen display with images and intuitive graphics. The folding door is full glass with mirror finishing

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